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The Mind in Bexley website is undergoing a major overhaul and a new version with dynamic content will be released soon. The new site will have updated details of a lot of new services that we are offering so please check back soon. promoting recovery

We all experience painful feelings and distressing events at some time in our lives. These difficult experiences can easily start to erode our confidence, damage our relationships and undermine our ability to cope

As the leading independent mental health organisation in the London Borough of Bexley, we offer high quality services to local residents seeking mental health information and support.

Our services include: advocacy, day services, befriending, welfare rights, CBT Counselling and research.

Data Protection Information

Minding Histories

Our Exicting and innovative Oral History Project: Minding Histories


Mind in Bexley Registered Charity No. 1110130 Company No. 05393807

Mind in Bexley in Partnership with Oxleas Foundation Trust, runner up in NHS innovation Awards 2009

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